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Purchase 100% professional logos from 50%–75% off original cost. Every company needs a professional logo and branding. Many start-ups, in this economy, can’t stretch their dollars far enough to get a professional logo design. We will help you get yours. Here are three affordable ways to purchase our logos for sale. Why not give us a try today?

3 Affordable Ways To Purchase Our Professional Logos

As-Is Logos

An “As-Is Logo” is a professional logo that you like and select that is exactly the way it appears. These logos were leftover from some of our high-end corporate logo projects costing between $2.5-$7.5K. If an As-Is Logo is what you want, go to the SHOP tab above, select it, purchase it, then click download and you have your new, beautiful, professional logo in just minutes and hassle free. Major credit cards are accepted through your PayPal account.

Semi-Custom Logos

For a “Semi-Custom Logo,” go to SHOP above, select and purchase your new professional logo then call Jack at 727.812.8982 for any minor changes you need (i.e. color, type style, new text) and get an instant price and a delivery date. This is a great way to get the perfect logo that is close to one of the logos here. When your professional logo is approved you will receive web-ready and print-ready files. Major credit cards are accepted through your PayPal account.

Fully Custom Logos

For a “Fully Custom Logo,” first call Jack at 727.812.8982 to discuss your professional logo needs, wants, goals, style, colors and etc., receive a quote and an agreed upon delivery date within minutes. Visit jbpotter.com for more information on our fully custom, professional logo solutions. When your approve your new logo, you will receive a web-ready and print ready format file. All major credit cards are accepted through your PayPal account.