LeftoverLogos.com currently provides more than 750 high-end professional logos. We offer our leftover logos at greatly reduced prices. To find out from where these logos came and why they are so inexpensive, see the brief story below. You may purchase one of our corporate logos in one of three different ways:

  1. An “As-Is Logo” – which is exactly as it appears or
  2. “Semi-Custom Logo” – with your minor changes for a small upgraded fee or
  3. “Fully-Custom Logo” – from scratch to your exact needs.

You may search the site by price or from any of the 15 categories available in our SHOP tab above.

“I’ve created more than 1500 custom corporate logos in my 46 years in the field and I would be delighted to create just the right one for you,” says Jack Potter, Founder/Creative Director & Logosmith.


Corporate logos

For more than four decades we’ve created professional logos for our many high-end clients. Each final logo that our high-priced clients selected had 10 to 15 brothers or sisters that our client didn’t like as much. “Too blue, too tall, too round, too skinny, the decorator didn’t like it…or whatever.” Our client picked the one that they really loved and the rest were…well, just left over.

Every one of those leftover corporate logos was created with the same quality and professionalism as the chosen logos. Rather than waste that effort and creativity, we decided to offer these professional logos for sale to the public at a fraction of their original price tag.

Check the SHOP above and see what we’ve got for you at very, surprisingly low costs.

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