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Tip #3 – In today’s fast-paced business, are logos still important?

The average person, in this over-communicated world, is bombarded with thousands upon thousands of messages per day from every imaginable direction.

Words become a blur, but a well designed logo gets remembered. Just think back to the last cafe logo or restaurant branding, truck logo, electrical logo or, for that matter, hotel branding and sports branding. Did the logo grab your attention? Were you more inclined to read on or go and check them out?

An Image, in the form of a logo, sets the stage for all else to follow. Your logo is the first utterance of your firm’s market positioning or corporate identity package. The image of your firm or the product must be included in all discussions concerning communication with a target market. The logo must be memorable at a glance, convey trust and stability and represent the goals, achievements and positioning of the company or product. If it doesn’t, you have wasted your time and money. Logo design ideas, the ones that ring your cash register, come from professional logo designers who have done a few hundred.



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The Next Tip: we will talk about the importance branding and image continuity in modern day business. Stay tuned for Tip #4                                                                                                 

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